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LLP: Mission Statement

Long Live Phoenixes (LLP) is about continuing one’s journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and purpose. It’s about walking in who one is, despite the hurdles one may face. Hope, inspiration, motivation and love are the themes that run throughout the project. LLP highlights my mission statement for my life: To encourage, challenge and uplift. Self-discovery and walking out one’s truth is imperative.  In a society that tells us how to be ourselves half-heartedly (“ourselves” that fits on its limited checklist), it's hard to see our own value with all the distractions on how we should look, think and feel. Our voice can become murky in the waters of surviving/ living. Peace can be found when one authentically walks out who they are.

But, umm. Say 'dere: What is a Phoenix?

A phoenix is one who has been shot with the fiery darts of life, stones of trauma and the flames of heartache. One who has risen from the ashes of tribulations, character assassination, heartache and familial wounds. One who continues to rise from all that life hurls at him/her and continues to soar as his/her authentic self… by any means necessary.