About Jasmine Farrell


About Jasmine Farrell

"Be Yourself 'cause Your Lil' Ol' Purpose Maybe The Start of Somethin' "  -Jasmine Farrell

"Be Yourself 'cause Your Lil' Ol' Purpose Maybe The Start of Somethin' " -Jasmine Farrell



Jasmine Farrell is an author, poet, and blogger.
With a passionate drive to inspire others, Jasmine has used her words to uplift and inspire others from the age of 9. She has a way of painting pictures with her unique style of poetry which helps her connect with her audience. She released her third poetry collection, Long Live Phoenixes, which is divided up into 9 “Laws/Mantras” that urges her readers to always soar high and embrace who they are.
In 2014, she released her first poetry collection, ‘My Quintessence,’ that includes poems from her teenage years and her past life as a Christian. After de-converting and re-discovering herself, she wrote her second poetry collection, ‘Phoenixes Groomed as Genesis Doves,’ (PGAGD). Major life experiences that triggered her consciousness and allowed her to face her true self inspired PGAGD. The book reveals the beginning steps on her journey of self-discovery. Her commitment to encourage others on similar paths, spills on the pages as Jasmine opens her heart and shares her personal experiences with the world.
In addition to graduating Nyack College with a Bachelors in Communications in 2014, she has eaten the snacks of various loved ones. Cookies, Trail Mix and etc... Jasmine welcomes you to join her on this journey and hopes to leave a positive mark on the world, one word at a time.

 Booking: Jasmine@JasmineFarrell.com